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Green Hell is an open world survival sim which is set in the Amazon rainforest. The player begins the game without any food or resources. The aim of the game is to navigate through the dangerous surroundings and terrain of this ‘Green Hell’.

Survival is what’s it all about, and players must use actual survival techniques, and craft weapons and tools in order to live. There is no help from outside forces. Consequently, there is always the risk of traps and mysterious creatures lurking in the darkness beyond the trees. The only item that the player has is a radio which gradually reveals how the player found themselves in this predicament.

Key features of Green Hell include:

  • Use of authentic survival techniques, food and object sourcing, and treatment for injuries.
  • Focus on psychological impact of being left alone in the wilderness.
  • Genuine part of the Amazon rainforest used for the map.
  • Various plants, animals and weather conditions.
  • Body inspection mode.