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Gleaner Heights is a RPG simulation game that harks back to old-school classic farming games. Not only is farming on the cards, but also romance, combat, and crafting.

  • The player is able to transform the farm into the richest business in the area, with over 40 crops available.
  • The player is also able to tend to the many animals, and collect the excellent produce as a result.
  • There are a variety of activities, ranging from fishing to cooking delicious meals.
  • It’s possible to make friends in the town with neighbouring farmers.
  • The town can be explored in detail, and the player can mine for precious stones.
  • Over 300 items and over 45 pieces of clothing and equipment available.

Key features of Gleaner Heights:

  • Play as a male or female character.
  • Over 30 villagers.
  • Extended farming mechanics.
  • Animals and extended sub-mechanics.
  • Cooking with over 110 recipes.
  • Complete town upgrade projects.