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Garden Paws is an indie RPG in which players must take on their grandparents’ farm. Players must nurture plants, tend to animals, and rid the dungeons of shadow creatures.

The aim of the game is to build up the town, and this can be achieved by running shops and collecting coins. In addition, players can explore nearby islands and caves in order to collect a variety of resources. The bigger the town, the more settlers will arrive.

Along the way, players must contend with natural disasters and plenty of quests.

Key features of Garden Paws include:

  • Players can turn small shops into large farms;
  • A variety of upgrades and quests;
  • Ability to grow seeds into produce;
  • Ability to tend to the animals;
  • Ability to build up nearby towns;
  • Ability to upgrade tools and weapons, and collect various artifacts;
  • Ability to personalise characters with skins and accessories.