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Forager is described as a combination of The Legend of Zelda and Stardew Valley to create a single player experience in a vast and mysterious world. You must gather resources to build your base and slowly expand over time. However, you will not know what your newest piece of land will contain! Current features include:

  • Procedurally generated lands
  • Forage and mine for common and rare resources
  • Craft powerful and interesting items
  • Trade and build up an economy to expand your empire
  • Meet NPCs, enemies, bosses and playful fairies
  • Solve puzzles and find treasure

The original demo contains around 2-3 hours of free gameplay however the final version of the game will be released on Steam in 2018. This version will contain additional features including:

  • Alchemy system (craft a wide array of varied potions and elixirs)
  • Archaeology system where you can dig for rare items
  • Random events (Rains, Meteors, Market Saturation, Raids and Invasions)
  • Difficulty system
  • Steam only features  (e.g. achievements, cloud saves, trading cards and such).

Forager Gameplay