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Don’t Starve


Imagine you are an intrepid scientist who has been transported to a wild, wild world by an evil demon; you have no food, no shelter and no way of getting out unless you can find a way to manipulate and exploit the environment and it’s inhabitants. That’s Don’t Starve.

As the gamer there are no instructions and there is no manual, you start with no knowledge and you must learn to research, craft and fight to survive. You play your own game, you find your own way to stay alive, your own techniques of self-preservation, which means that no two players’ games are the same. Not even that, no two games that you play will be the same either, as the game generate a brand new world every time you play: a living, breathing, hating world that despises you.

To add an extra dimension to the stresses of survival there is a multiplayer version of Don’t StarveDon’t Starve Together, meaning that you have extra hands to help you collect what you need to survive – but that also means there are extra mouths to feed.