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Depraved is a strategy simulation game which focuses on ensuring survival in the Wild West. The goal is to build infrastructure, whilst strategically keeping an eye of resources, natural disasters, and predators of all shapes and sizes.

In Depraved, the player must first find an appropriate place to settle, before trading and growing supplies. The ultimate goal is to keep the Wild West inhabitants happy. The happier they are, the faster the town will flourish. However, there are certain difficulties that threaten the town. In particular, at any point bandits or Indians may strike out.

There are three main components of Depraved that the player must consider in order to succeed:

  • The needs of the townspeople.
  • Efficient production chains.
  • Avoiding danger and attacks.

Key features of the game include:

  • City builder – building cities, outposts and more in order to create the best possible outcomes for the Wild West town’s population.
  • A procedural world system, ensuring new surprises at every turn.
  • Weather and seasons system – the population and town is affected by the seasonal changes, whether it be starvation brought on by a weak harvest, or frostbite in the midst of winter.