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Deiland is a single-player RPG with a focus on farming, crafting and building. The player takes on the role of Prince of Deiland, It is the player’s mission to improve quality of life for the people, make great advancements in skills and craft, and reap the rewards.

The game is set ‘a long time ago, when the universe was young’. Deiland is the smallest planet in the universe, and life there is peaceful and tranquil. However, a threat looms (‘a shadow wonders in the absolute darkness of the universe’).

Key features of Deiland include:

  • The ability to improve skills, cook foods and brew potions.
  • The ability to create and trade.
  • 12 available characters.
  • Over 100 quests.
  • Diverse weather and natural phenomenons.
  • Smooth graphics and relaxing soundtrack.

The reviews for the game have been largely positive. DarkStation stated that the game is ‘one that fans of the genre will want to add to their collection’. However, GameSpew was far less complimentary. They suggested ‘if you’re looking for something with deep complexity, endless creative options and rich world-building, you should probably look elsewhere’.