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Conan Exiles is an open world survival RPG. The game is set in a vast, brutal and savage world populated by violence and magic. The goal is to create your own kingdom from the ground up and ‘dominate your enemies in epic warfare’. There are full single-player, coop, and persistent online multiplayer options.

The game begins with Conan the Barbarian saving the player’s life, and from there the player must survive sandstorms, dangerous temperatures and a variety of enemies. It is important to ‘forge the legacy of your clan’, and players may build their kingdoms up from small houses to vast cities. Battle elements are also integral, including the ability to use a variety of weapons and beat enemies.

Key features of Conan Exiles include:

  • A vast and diverse open world ranging from sand dunes and swamps to mountains and more.
  • The ability to harvest resources, make your own tools and build kingdoms from the ground up. This includes elevators, defenses and various types of furniture.
  • The ability to steal from other players in order to ensure the success of your kingdom. It is also possible to build siege weapons, make use of explosives, and build defenses for your city.
  • Combat options including fighting monsters as well as standard enemies. There are also a range of possibilities including dodging, blocking and killing.
  • It is possible to align yourself with four gods by offering sacrifices. You can also enslave criminals to join your cause and discover ruins of ancient civilizations where treasure can be located.
  • Players can control their experience by changing progression speed, spawning monsters and a variety of other options. It is also possible to download over 450 mods from Steam.