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Blossom & Decay is a sandbox MMO ARPG set at the edge of a perilous and unexplored continent. Players mold the empty terrain with their buildings while fighting monsters and searching for resources.

An open interface lets them decide how to socialize and organize, as well as how to advance equipment and survive against enemies. Whether collaborating or competing, they decide how to reward heroes or mete out justice for villains.

The sandbox brings action combat together with crafting and survival mechanics, in a setting with no pre-established plots. Narrative moves through player motivated actions as they react to the constant siege of monsters or conflicts between themselves.

Most interestingly, no quest is scripted: it’s agreed between players, and no item is quested: it’s crafted by players. No monster or NPC is a plot vehicle to more loot-grinding. The game blossoms and decays from the players and through the players.

Blossom & Decay also offers asynchronous play – your character can build, defend and craft even when players are offline. Best of all, Blossom & Decay is available everywhere from your favourite browser to your smartphone.

Blossom & Decay Game Trailer