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Black Desert Online


Black Desert Online is a Korean MMORPG. In some ways, we compare it to a medieval fantasy version of Eve Online, but with some brilliant mechanics.

Features we like…

No loading screens; a seamless open world.

Action combat that is fast, fun and skill based.

NPC’s have schedules, can be hired by the player and go about their business creating a lively bustling world.

Player-owned housing with customisable décor, as well as functional items that affect gameplay.

Tame horses through a mini-game, level them up, breed them, sell them

AFK mode…. this is an awesome new idea: Your character can be given tasks even when you are away from the keyboard. For example, you can set your character fishing, go AFK and your character will continue to fish but at a slower rate than if you were actually playing the game.

Nodes and Workers. You can invest resources to create trade routes between resources and towns, connecting your workers and doing complex economical action. This feature is extremely in-depth – you can do so much with it and create crazy systems – we love it!

Trading. Much like Arch Age, you can create goods and deliver them across the world for profit. You can create carts, donkeys and boats to speed up your trading. Awesome.

Guilds work a bit like Eve corporations. This is a good thing. Players sign a contract with a guild for a limited time only and are paid for their work. Guilds incur ongoing costs and have to be managed carefully. Much like the way in Eve you have to pay for maintenance on your properties, in Black Desert Online guilds will not become bloated things of emptiness, but instead be filled with active players contributing to the success of the group.

PVP. Land can be squabbled over three times per week creating big wars between player factions. Expect siege equipment and big player on player battles. Land generates taxes for those in control.

Graphics are amazing. This is an MMO and yet the graphics look EPIC.

Not really a feature, but Black Desert is adopting the “Buy to play” revenue model. You need to purchase the game, but then you do not need to pay a monthly subscription. This is great – much better than a free-to-play model which often encourages players to buy in-game boost items in order to progress and dominate. There are in-game transactions, but fear not: these are for cosmetic items only.

Black Desert Online – Top 10 Game Features

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