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Avorion is a procedural co-op space sandbox where players can build their own space ships out of scalable blocks.

Following a cataclysmic catastrophe, a ring of torn hyperspace fabric appears in the centre of the galaxy. Normal hyperspace engines can’t overcome this – preventing everyone from getting near the central regions of the galaxy. Rumour has it that the catastrophe also lead to spawning of a strange race of aliens – and these aliens managed to somehow surpass the torn hyperspace fabric. Apparently, the aliens are using a new metal called ‘Avorion’ to build their ships and to reach to the centre of the galaxy.

In Avorion, you start out at the edge of the galaxy with the aim to work your way to the centre. You need to build your own space ships for this journey. You need to equip your ship with the right weaponry – to defend yourself and your allies from the enemies.

There’re no limits to ship size or complexity other than the availability of raw materials. You are free to build different ships for different purposes: from cargo ships to combat ships. Your fleet will be the key factor in successfully achieving your goals.

With beautiful nebulas, dense asteroid fields, own specialized fleet and co-op multiplayer, Avorion offers a very unique gameplay.

Avorion Game Trailer