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Atlas is a survival MMO which hosts thousands of simultaneous players in a world of pirates and colonies. Players must stake their claim to conquer territory, search for treasure, and build their fleets. The aim of the game is to start small and expand a pirate empire into the most ferocious and far-reaching on the high seas.

There is a focus on conflict with enemy fleets, in addition to exploring sunken wrecks to recover lost treasures. Players also have the chance to work with others to discover lands and plunder treasure.

Key features of Atlas include:

  • Huge scale MMO, including the ability to voyage to over 200 unique locations covering 45 thousand square kilometres.
  • The ability to construct every inch of a ship.
  • The ability to recruit real players as well as AI crew to populate your ships’ workforce.
  • Ability to steal and conquer other player’s ships and even their pets.
  • Over 300 possible skills, in addition to character abilities and extensive character visual customisation.
  • Sub-quests, rewards and procedurally generated treasure maps and challenge zones.
  • Combat systems, directional attacks and period-appropriate weapons.
  • Over 50 creatures ranging from parrots to sea monsters.
  • Mod and server functionalities.