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Airport CEO is a management game that allows the player to take control of an airport, dealing with every aspect of CEO duties ranging from actually constructing the infrastructure of the airport to managing employees and resources.

Airport CEO allows the player to carry out a variety of tasks, primarily separated into two areas:

  • The running of the airport, including building and managing the airport with strong strategic decisions and avoiding common CEO pitfalls
  • Liaising and signing contracts with airlines, the main provider of the airport CEO’s income, whilst implementing your finest management skills.

Key features include:

  • Building the infrastructure of the airport, including everything from runways to check-in
  • Hiring employees
  • Signing contracts
  • Making deals
  • Managing the budget
  • Catering to the passengers by keeping wait time to a minimum
  • Maintaining helpful stuff around the airport
  • Ensure safety at the airport
  • Avoiding employee disputes and equipment breakdowns
  • Dealing with bad weather situations
  • Being ultimately responsible for the successes and failures of the airport

Airport CEO has been well-received for its concept, design and gameplay, and has drawn praise for its attention to detail from online publications such as Rock Paper Shotgun, who stated that the game ‘feels authentic, though, to the point where I even learned a thing or two’.