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Sea of Thieves is a MMO set in the world of pirating and adventure. The player may choose to adventure alone or as part of a group, and in both circumstances, they will encounter other pirate crews who may prove be either friend or foe.

The shared world game features cross-platform play between Windows and Xbox One. The open world can be explored via a pirate ship, and various roles can be adopted such as navigating, firing canons, and steering.

The aim of Sea of Thieves is to embark on a series of quests in which players are able to collect treasure and engage with other players.

Key features include:

  • Shared world. Every ship in the game is captained by real players on their own voyages, and it is up to each individual player what kind of pirate they choose to be. Allies and enemies can be created.
  • Non-verbal communication system (fire the cannons, man the cannons, repair the ship, etc) ensure an efficient way of communicating with fellow crew members.
  • Treasure will rarely be found out in the open, and so it takes map work, compass skills and good instincts to find the hidden loot.
  • Trading companies. As well as pirates, there are shopkeepers and shipwrights keen on making a living from trading at various outposts.