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Here Comes the Farming Simulator Controller

What’s that? You want your Farming Simulator experience to feel even more real? Well then good news! The good people at Saitek are planning to bring out a custom Farming Simulator controller that reflects the layout and abilities of your favourite farm vehicles.

It does away with the small degrees of turning that you find on racing car wheels and offers 900 (900!) degrees of turning, imagine that. Plus the wheel’s centre sprung and set at the correct tilt for farm machinery, what ever that is. It comes with pedals too – but no fancy ones, just gas and brake.

On the side panel there will be a special lever to control your front scoop and lots of buttons that you can programme to do things like turn on your headlights or honk your horn or probably some more tractor-specific things.

The developers Saitek and GIANTS Software want lots of input from the Farming Simulator community so if you do have opinions on this then get in contact with them on There’s no timescale given for when we can expect to see the hardware available for purchase, so try not to get too excited just yet.

You can read Saitek’s full announcement of their bespoke farming machinery controller right here.

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