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Fallout 4 Won’t Force You to be Violent

Players of Fallout 4 will have the freedom to go through the game in what ever way they choose, even if they don’t fancy shooting that much.

In a departure from Fallout 3, the new game – set to be released on November 10th – will “allow you to avoid [killing] a lot”, Todd Howard, a VP at Bethesda, told the Guardian in an interview.

You won’t totally be able to play the game without any violence (“that’s not necessarily a goal of ours”) but for Bethesda it’s all about allowing a variety of different play styles.

Following on from this you’ll be able to interact with other characters better than ever before, with Fallout 4 utilising an improved version of the ’emergent questioning’ system that debuted in Skyrim, which Bethesda are also responsible for. There will even be romantic opportunities. We can’t wait to see the results.

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