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Factorio Version 0.15 Release

The developers of Factorio have released version 0.15 of the game.

This build provides a major overhaul to how the technology system works in the game. It introduces four new science packs which you will need to craft to research the higher-level technologies. The tech tree itself has also been changed, adding new technologies that can be researched.

One of the techs that can be research is a new source of energy: nuclear power. This enables you to mine and enrich uranium for use in uranium reactors. You are also able to use the uranium to build powerful nuclear bombs or in order to create uranium enriched ammo.

The combat system itself has been balanced and there have been changes to the map and the blueprints system, the latter of which means you can now save blueprints between games, allowing for you to quickly build the core elements of your base.

0.15 is – in all likelihood – the penultimate beta release before the developers release version 1.0 of the game. TheĀ plan is to release version 1.0 in lateĀ 2017.

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