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Explore the WHOLE RimWorld in new Wanderlust update

This. Is. Awesome.

The new Wanderlust update for RimWorld – released 20th December 2016 –¬†amongst other features, allows your characters to form caravans and roam the planet!

Update at a glance

  • New, spherical world map

Spherical planet in RimWorld

  • Form caravans from your colonists and explore the planet
  • Settle¬†multiple colonies (advanced option)
  • New game ending: the travel victory! Make your way across the globe to reach a friendly ship and escape the planet
  • “You can build transport pod launchers and transport pods. These let you launch their contents long distances across the world map, over oceans or mountains.”

For a full list of updates, check out the dev blog here.

Wanderlust Update – Overview Video

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