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Endless Legend: Shadows Expansion Announced

Endless Legend is to get a second expansion pack, with the release of Endless Legends: Shadows.

The game should be released later this summer and will introduce and ninth playable faction, The Forgotten.

The Forgotten are experts in in espionage. And so Shadows will give us lots of spy mechanics to play with including units that can move with invisibility and the ability to infiltrate empires, allowing you to steal, capture, sabotage and assassinate. There’s also counterespionage to allow you to protect yourself.

There’s also a pretty announcement trailer, which has few specific details, but still makes us excited:

Here’s the full list of what will be within the expansion:

  • Play the brand new faction, the Forgotten, experts in the new espionage skills.
  • Play with invisible units using the new “Camouflage” and “Stealth” capacities.
  • Infiltrate an empire to steal, capture, sabotage and assassinate!
  • Pillage villages, extractors and watchtowers to slow your enemy’s progression.
  • Equip your heroes with “Insignia” accessories to give them special espionage abilities.
  • Defend yourself by using counterespionage skills and the new “Detection” capacity.

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