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Elite: Dangerous Released; Offers £10k Prize

Elite: Dangerous has been fully released after a lengthy period in development and following a Kickstarter campaign that raised a cool £1.5 million.

The game’s universe is vast (and we mean VAST, there are over 400 billion procedurally generated solar systems) and is built at a 1:1 scale. There’s plenty to do too, with multiple jobs you can do and three disciplines to master: combat, exploration and trading.

Today Frontier, the company behind Elite: Dangerous, announced that the first player to reach Elite status (that is to essentially to master) in each one of the three disciplines will receive £1000 ($1500, €1200) and the first person to reach Elite status in all three will receive £10000 ($15000, €12000). HOWEVER, if you accept the £1000 prize for one of the disciplines you become ineligible for the £10k prize, although you can win further £1000 prizes. This introduces a fun element of gambling to the game.

The cost of the game at release is £40/$60 so you could potentially win 250 times your initially outlay, so it makes sense to get gaming. There are a few conditions though: you need to start with a new save file from after the release and start with the basic ship and 1000CRs. Those who cheat will be found out through manual scrutiny they promise.

You can read the full details of the prize on a forum post here.

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