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Elder Scrolls Online might be free-to-play soon

There are rumours flying around that The Elder Scrolls Online might be moving from a subscription service to a free-to-play model in the near future.

In a recent article, Kotaku AU state that a source has informed them that all copies of the game will be removed from all EB Games stores by January 13th. This would suggest, coupled with the fact that 6-month subscriptions were discountinued towards the end of last year, that The Elder Scrolls Online will do away with its paid-for model altogether.

Moving to a free-to-play model may well tie in with the major January update that that should be arriving in the coming weeks.

Bethesda, the developers of The Elder Scrolls series, haven’t been available to comment on the free-to-play rumours. However, EB Games have claimed that the removal of The Elder Scrolls Online is part of a normal stock recall – yet Kotaku’s source says that while EB Games are recalling excess stock of other games, The Elder Scrolls Online is the only game where EB are removing all the copies from their shelves.

So will we all be playing The Elder Scrolls Online subscription-free in the near future? Only time will tell, but we’re guessing yes.

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