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Developer announces a new X space game!

The “X” series of space games is one of my all time favourite series. I have put literally hundreds of hours into X3: Terran Conflict and X3: Albion Prelude. It is with a heavy heart, therefore, that I have to admit that the latest game in the series – X: Rebirth – shattered the good work that developer Egosoft had done over the years. I barely spent more than a few hours in the newest iteration. But why?

Well, as a economic strategy game fan, I love building my factory complexes across the Universe, and then buying, fitting and controlling a fleet of ships to organise the logistics of my goods and products. I play the X games less like a flight sim and more like an economic game like Transport Tycoon! Unfortunately, many of these features were stripped or changed beyond recognition in X Rebirth – which turned me off completely.

The community too was not happy.

But there is hope! Egosoft are an amazing developer well in-sync with their audience. They are patching their latest game constantly, and although it will never be the game that I want – it is now at last receiving some serious playtime from fans.

Better news still, Egosoft have announced a new game in the works, and revealed that it will put right many of the ‘wrongs’ unleashed in Rebirth. Here’s hoping!

At some point there will be a new game because we want to improve a lot of things that we unfortunately cannot improve using a DLC or update. These are things that would cause massive changes to balancing or completely change the structure of the economy,” the studio wrote. “Because of this, we are working exactly as we did in the X3 times: In parallel working on a new project and improvements to the games already released. This won’t just include making improvements to X Rebirth and The Teladi Outpost, but maybe also further updates for X3: Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude.”

We’ll keep you updated with news as we receive it.

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