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Cities: Skylines to get Snowfall Expansion

The world of Cities: Skylines is to hot up later this year with the release of its Snowfall expansion.

The expansion – the second for Skylines following the release of After Dark last year – will add weather to the game. Winter is coming and your city will need to be prepared – your residents will stay at home and stay warm causing electrical surges and your transport infrastructure will have to cope with snow and ice.

Fortunately, to deal with these problems you’ll have new vehicles such as snow ploughs at your disposal and there will be some new wintery parks to help brighten up your winter.

Like After DarkSnowfall looks very pretty, and also like After DarkSnowfall will give users extra content even if they don’t purchase the expansion: cosmetic weather effects including rain and fog will be rolled out for all. However, if you want to get the additions to gameplay, then you’ll need to fork out for the full expansion.

There’s no word yet on how much Snowfall will cost to buy, but After Dark retailed at £11/$15.

Cities: Skylines Snowfall Reveal Trailer

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