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Big Pharma Beta on the Horizon

It’s the moment the team here at Sandbox DB are eagerly waiting for. In a newsletter sent today by developer Tim from Twice Circled, Big Pharma is hopefully set to get a Beta stage in early April 2015.

Taking a lead from most¬†other companies these days, players will be able to pre-purchase the game to get immediate access to the beta. But we’re not fussed, the game looks awesome and Tim has done a fantastic job of keeping the community up-to-date with the additions and features included in the game. It’s already looking like something well worth paying for.

Big Pharma will be exhibiting at Rezzed in London next week.

Shortly after the Rezzed exhibition next week, the team at Big Pharma will be sending out surveys to a few select players in order to begin an Alpha test, gaining valuable technical insights.

Please can we have an invite Tim? (Please please please)

In case you can’t tell, Big Pharma is on our ‘hot list’ of games to keep an eye on this year. So keep checking back for the latest news!

Update (4th June 2015)

The Big Pharma beta has been release. Read more here.

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