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Imagine Minecraft, with more automation and less 3D and you’ve got Factorio.

Factorio is a game about building increasingly complex production lines in order to colonise a new world and eventually escape home. However, the factory that you build will attract the attentions of some rather nasty aliens, who aren’t to struck on all the pollution you’re creating.

But by using your research to craft more and more advanced systems, technologies and weapons, you can create a rocket that will get you home. Or you can just create a world so amazing that you never want to leave.

The game also has a multiplayer mode allowing you to build mega factories with your friends.

Factorio Game Overview – Sandbox DB

Factorio Version 0.15 Release
16 May 2017
Factorio is Now on Steam
26 Feb 2016
Factorio Will Not Be On Steam Greenlight
10 Oct 2015
Factorio Releases Experimental Version 0.12
17 Jul 2015
Factorio v1.0 Unlikely to be Released Before Summer 2016
12 Jun 2015
Factorio Multiplayer is Stable
20 Apr 2015
Factorio Gets Multiplayer
1 Nov 2014