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Transport Fever Added to Database

Transport Fever is a railroad-­focused tycoon game. Players start in 1850 and build up a thriving transport company. As an emerging transport tycoon, the playe...

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Project Automata Latest

In their latest newsletter, Dapper Penguin Studios gave the following update on Project Automata’s impending transition from pre-alpha to full alpha: Prog...

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Civilization VI has been Released

Civilization VI has been released for PC. The sixth instalment in the popular strategy game is now available to buy and play. As with any good sequel, it has ...

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Project Automata on Kickstarter!

Dapper Penguin Studios’ flagship project Project Automata has launched a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to raise €150,000 this month. The studio have alr...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Finally Announced!

Video game giants Rockstar Games have at long last announced the sequel to Red Dead Redemption, with Red Redemption 2 expected in autumn 2017, a full 7 years on...

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Stardew Valley Gets Awesome New Patch

The co-op farming and life sim Stardew Valley last week released their latest version 1.1, which adds many new features to the game. A few alterations and addit...

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Endless Space 2 Enters Early Access

Endless Space 2 has entered Early Access on Steam. The sequel to 2012’s Endless Space, Endless Space 2 is arguably more similar in its mechanics to dev...

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Mad Games Tycoon Added to Database

Mad Games Tycoon is a simulation game from Eggcode which allows you to start your own video game company back in the early days of gaming – the 1980s. Rea...

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Dual Universe Added to Database

Many gamers were alerted to the forthcoming title from Novaquark, Dual Universe, by the first trailer which was unveiled at E3 2016. But what is the game all ab...

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Aven Colony Added to Database

The flagship game from Mothership Entertainment, Aven Colony challenges players to create new space colonies. Taking place on the planet Aven Prime, where the ...

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